about rc chopper website

My name is Sameh, the owner of RC chopper website

Sameh owner of RC chopper start trip flay with Egypt air

I  I’ve been here since 2010 on virtual flights hobby. I love remote control helicopter. Started the RC heli hobby in 2013, I spent 4 years in the Flight simulator X Game online. And flayed online on the IVAO network with Boeing 737, 777 and I flayed with Airbus A320 and A330 with the virtual flight system on Microsoft flight simulator 2004 and FSX. Now I can fly a virtual airplane like the Airbus A320 that i really love control as a real pilot fly from cockpit, it’s very easy to control this coolest airplane from take off to land at the airport and I can now use the FMC system to control flight plan 🙂 the FMC is air flight computer or like CPU. And also I learned how to communicate with air traffic control “ATC”. I enjoy my free time with FSX online to fly in the sky and see a beautiful View of the earth from the sky that’s my very interested Hobby.

I like to travel around world and enjoy my time in the flight plan.

Finally, I have chosen some RC chopper chose from amazon is flying time not less than 8 minutes.

Thank you for shopping on RC chopper! contact us page..