dji phantom 1 vs 2 comparison review

Dji phantom 1 vs 2? Which quad chopper you will select on next plan?

So what now? Some people like you are confused to which select best dji phantom 1 or 2 quad chopper with cheaper price? You need to compare dji phantom 1 vs 2, after reading this comparing article you should know which phantom I or II right for you

phantom 1 is the first version of DJI Family. Flight time with this quad chopper is from 10-15 minutes, battery life is from 10 to 15 minutes only but the charge time is a little short. The phantom 1 price start from 470$ without Camera. But it can work perfectly with GoPro Camera and Hero2 – Hero3 and Hero3+ without problem these cameras sold separately. So you can choose which camera model you want to just simply plug and play, then start fly and record video.dji phantom 1 vs 2 comparison

I checked amazon and find the best deal, with price only about 479$! DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter Version 1.1.1 for GoPro Camera Hero 1 2 3 Hero3+ this is a very good deal for a beginner. Flying time is from 8 – 10 minutes. The battery cost only 15$-25$ and fast charging. I suggest you don’t buy battery less than 2200mah to works perfect to fly long time – i like to buy 3 backup batteries so this mean fly time increases to 30 minutes.

Don’t forget the paltry cost of phantom 1 is cheaper than dji phantom 2, the Phantom I simple and nice you may upgrade it what ever you want and every battery cost around 25$ only.

  • This quad chopper is a good deal if you beginner and new to flying RCheli, the price is good about 470$ it’s cheaper than phantom 2 you save 100$ – battery cost is cheap and cost from15$ -25$

  • Flying time from 10-15 minutes

Countinue comparing dji phantom 1 vs 2:

DJI Phantom 2
DJI Phantom 2 is the next generation of DJI family if you need the latest RC quad chopper technology this phantom 2 is the upgrade of old phantom 1. First to know: the price of DJI phantom 2 is very expensive I checked the cheapest phantom 2 price is start from 579$ without Camera. So you will pay an extra 100$ for the old phantom I price. The Phantom 2 family is:

  • DJI Phantom 2 (stock)
  • DJI Phantom 2 Vision
  • DJI Phantom 2 Vision+
  • DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter V2.0 Bundle (special edition)
  • DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 Quadcopter (special edition)
  • DJI Phantom 2 FPV Bundle (this package is including everything you need)

The new flight time is 25 minutes longer than phantom 1 and enjoy fly distance up to 1 KM remote control you can control tilt of camera by RC and when you release the control its go back to center automatically. Phantom II is coming with new features like GPS navigation system autopilot, you can hold position, altitude lock with possible hovering. So with photographs and film makers you will shoot very well with high quality video recording and clear photos.

You can program the quad chopper by iPad to flight 16 waypoint ground station system. The firmware of upgrading phantom 2 is included restricted area’s future that’s helped you to fly safety from restricted areas its no fly zone feature. The quad chopper 2 is include return to home automatic system.

DJI phantom 2 spec

  • Operating Frequency: 2.4GH
  • RC max distance: 1 KM
  • Max flight time: 25M
  • Max flight speed: 15m/s (Not Recommended)
  • Max Ascent / Descent Speed: Ascent: 6m/s; Descent: 2m/s
  • Max Camera Tilt Angle: 35
  • Weight (with Battery and Propellers Included): 1000g

The stock, phantom II does not include camera, but it’s compatible with GoPro Camera – you can select to buy phantom vision or vision+ both include builtin 14MP/1080p Camera.

  • More flight times up to 25M, more battery life 5200mAh, 11.1V, with higher altitude 1km

  • This quad chopper 2 is high expensive start from 579$ to 1899$!

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Best price I found on Amazon for you, this is cheapest phantom 2 on amazon you can click below for more information and you may select another cheaper phantom 2 model

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