Syma RC helicopter s-107g review the best heli

Syma RC helicopter s-107g is the best RC chopper for beginners and winning aware at amazon best seller!


– High stability, you will learn to control the plane in such a short time in just 5 minutes! The left control to move up and down and control the speed of the plane. The right joystick is moving up / down (direction of movement forward / backward) and left / right. You can also move the right control stick to make the plane turns left or right during the movement forward or backward.

– Is characterized by a large number of features and capabilities “to the possibility of the mod” with approximately $ 25. After the experiment, I’ve also moved the Syma RC helicopter s-107g wheels forward a bit to push the center of gravity slightly forward, which gives a little bit more speed to the front. (Many of the remote control aircraft hoppers are doing it to get a higher speed forward). But I’ve wheels returns to its original position after 1 day.

– Solid! This Heli strong and coherent. Before I buy this wonderful Syma 107g, I had a helicopter 3-CH did not withstand normal after three times of flying inside the house and crash on the wall! I am now +3 weeks in S107 and although it crashed several times walls and the couch and ceiling fan, there are only some minor scratches on the fan but it’s still solid! Even if there is any part of the helicopter will break, almost all of the s107 helicopter parts interchangeable without any problem!

Syma RC helicopter s-107gThe bad things:

Syma RC helicopter s-107g is very lightweight (> 40G), is designed to fly indoors or just anywhere where closed and there is no wind, what little wind will affect the Syma 107g. Even in the house that the windows were open, so avoid any open windows, and close it. Do not worry, this is not a big problem, all the helicopters indoor get the same thing with my friends.

– Due to the system’s infrared control helicopter, there are several comments from users when flying near / around LCD TVs and malfunctions in control. I can fly over lit lamps (incandescent and fluorescent) without any problems, but when flying near TVs happening in jamming the signal and lose control of the control and the motor stops! The solution is simple shutdown the TV and will solve the problem completely.

Power connector inside the growers control does not work – it is after ten seconds, it is believed that was charging the helicopter and stop after ten seconds. I checked the power connector inside the control arm, and found that it is not soldered properly. The another USB charger is working properly, and this is not a problem for me, it is a small problem, but a problem of the quality of the company.

– USB charger is not smart! . In other words, they will continue to charge the battery of the helicopter without disconnecting or turn off charging, overcharging can cause all kinds of problems, such as the reduction of battery life, and even cause heating and damage the battery. Be sure to stop charging the battery and do not leave it connected always.

It takes 40-50 minutes per charge – that’s longer than other small helicopters, and Syma RC helicopter s-107g not fast enough. Once you try to fly, you wish need more speed.

Overall, In the end, the RC-chopper features better than disadvantages and certainly you will be happy to buy this Syma 107g

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