Syma s109g review RC apache helicopter

Do you like Syma s109g? You may like to get an RC Apache helicopter like this one

I have a collection of RC helicopters and small chopper This is the best of them. I read a lot of reviews about the helicopter syma 107g. I am very satisfied with the performance of two small SYMA old. Then I read many reviews and all positive for the Syma s109g. It’s very easy to fly in the house! It’s very light and an easy fly other than 9 rc helicopters I have, smooth, and responsive. It’s her problem somewhat slow when flying forward and backward, but this is manufactured by the syma company that’s a thing not important and so easy to control in indoor. But I have not a problem at all in this slow speed. I play every day and enjoy it with my friends as I like to shape the military Heli and gives the impression of an Apache RC helicopter fighter :).

syma s109g

We can compare it with the most best syma remote control helicopter:

1. SYMA S109 Apache- helicopter excellent and powerful you will get an Apache helicopter to you 🙂

2. SYMA S105G (chopper sports) fast, very good and stable, but her load a little high, and durable.

3. syma rc helicopter s-107g- (the ch most famous and best selling on Amazon)  its similar to the S105, but slower than ones, and syma s107g oldest model

4. SYMA S026 Chinook- very beautiful, but a bit difficult to control because it has four motors “Four fans” two in front and two in back.

5. SYMA S013 Black Hawk- good, light, but weak shocks, try to keep it without a crash!

6. Helicopter S108G Cobra is very good and I will buy one in the next few days to try and publish my experience with it. I like it for two reasons: first, for the wonderful gray color and shape and fantastic style, I have heard through research on Google about it’s fast and light.

It’s actually a great rc helicopter, still working all time since I got it years ago, and still used the original battery without change! You Must have one like me. There is a way to increase the speed of the Syma s109g to the forward direction, which is to increase the weight of the helicopter from the front a bit like using a coin to increase the weight, This rc heli when it shiped to me very light on the front, and then a light increase of the weight of the front, so you can backward the chopper back with no problem.and with increasing the weight of the front, the less agility, and I highly recommend adding a little of the weight in the front of the helicopter, so you can still go to the back, and on the whole I enjoyed the RC apache helicopter to fly so much, I bought the older brother has, SYMA 023G, so it can fly in the open air outdoor.

I’ve had my first generation of the gyro was very bad in control and is a fun addition to the difficulty of controlling them. But with this new generation it amazing are actually quite stable in flight, but need a little time to learn how to control it if you’re beginner, and I learned it fast and mastered the control and enjoy fly so much.

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